Management Scheme Process

What is the Management Scheme Process?Management Scheme


The ASERA Management Scheme sets out the management needs for the Severn Estuary European Marine Site (EMS). The process of defining the Management Scheme enables Relevant Authorities to understand the interest features of the Severn Estuary EMS and activities that may affect the site. The process involved in developing the Management Scheme clearly identified the appropriate management options and an implementation action plan. The Scheme also draws upon the conservation objectives defined for each of the features of the SPA, SAC and Ramsar sites.

This document is the single integrated Management Scheme for the Severn Estuary European Marine Site, which includes:

The diagram to the right gives a summary of the process of assembling the Management Scheme for the Severn Estuary EMS.  The diagram identifies the key steps and outputs in the process that provide valuable background and reference information.

Who is Responsible for the Implementation of the Scheme?

It is the responsibility of each Relevant Authority to implement their individual actions identified within the Action Plans of the Management Scheme. These actions will address the potential effects of the activities listed within the Scheme and help to achieve the nature conservation objectives of the Severn Estuary European Marine Site.

In certain cases when more than one Relevant Authority is responsible for managing an activity with a known or unknown effect on the site, or where there are gaps in management, Relevant Authorities have agreed to work co-operatively to address the issue. A partnership approach was achieved by setting up topic groups and, if appropriate, Advisory Group members or other relevant organisations were invited to participate. Discussions then took place to determine further possible management actions and solutions.


Click here to view the 2004 Management Scheme.

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